Many schools in the Eastern Cape are under-sourced and understaffed, which is detrimental to the skills development and education of our children.

In the Hobeni community we established that pupils have a dire need of extra tutoring and supervised homework. In August 2017 we started a co-operation with Hobeni Junior Secondary School and with Nkintshane Primary School. In the afternoons we offer extra lessons as well as supervising and assisting with homework, particularly tutoring the pupils in English and Mathematics. We also give them a healthy snack-lunch, as we know that most of them come from poor families. The feedback from the teachers at the schools is very positive and supportive.

We also offer a Saturday morning class 10:00 to 13:00 for any pupils who want to join, focusing mostly on English and isiXhosa reading and story telling.

As an illustration to this situation please read an excerpt of Pathelwa’s report:

“… At Ikhaya Loxolo out of 22 local staff only five (including me) have a completed school education. If it wasn’t for Ikhaya Loxolo I would never have been able to complete my school education, I would not have been able to find a job in the area so that I can care for my grand-mother and provide for a better future for my son. Without this job, I would sit at home, without income, looking after the household and be frustrated, as are so many others…”


Ikhala Trust Report – Computer Skills

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